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We have delivered wide range of different steelworks and fabrications such as steel main frame constructions, steel staircases, service platforms but also smaller units like guiderails and glass frameworks.
Teraskompanjon manufactures steel staircases for houses, industrial buildings and equipments.

Teraskompanjon manufactures various boundaries:

  • staircase boundaries
  • balcony boundaries
  • glass boundaries
  • rope boundaries
  • stainless steel boundaries
  • aluminum profile boundaries
  • removable fences (lightweight and heavyweight)


Teraskompanjon delivers wide range of different steelworks and fabrications. Our experience allows us always to find the steelwork supplier and contractor with the best delivery times and we grant the service level of procurement process. We have network of workshops all over Estonia. We’re always able to find the supplier with the best service level for our customer. We’ll take care of the procurement process starting from supplier selection until transportation and delivery.

Installation & project management

Installations in steelworks and constructions are managed by our Project Managers who manage the installation teams, providing the customer full service content beginning from the planning and preparation to the transportation and erection of structures on construction site.

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